The Method

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip on Bar Restore

May 25, 2020

Stretching can’t replace strength training, but it is still an essential part of a balanced workout. That’s why we created Bar Restore.  Our signature Bar Method classes give you an efficient and effective whole-body workout, while the Bar Restore format complements by allowing more focus on stretching and opening of your body.

But Bar Restore is much more than just stretching. Here are some other reasons why you should try Bar Restore: 


Sense of Peace, Well-being and Mindfulness in Stillness

So much of Bar Restore is about being still and training ourselves to slow down. Through being still, you can move deeper into a greater sense of calm. Restorative stretching can also help you be more present in the moment and give you a chance to take a break from focusing on the ever-growing priorities.  Sometimes when you can take a mental break, you can come back to your to-do list with more clarity and mindfulness.


Gaining Knowledge about Your Body

 One of the guiding principles in Bar Restore is creating a non-competitive environment. It’s not about how high your leg can lift or how deep your knees can bend.  In Bar Restore, we focus on listening to your body to appreciate and discover its needs—where is it more flexible, where does it feel tight, how does it work to maintain good posture? Through Bar Restore you may discover one hip is stiffer than the other or that the sides of your ribs are tight. In many ways, it is an exploration of what your body is craving and through the stretching, you are fulfilling that need. Bar Restore gives you an opportunity to nurture and soothe your body, learn and practice patience and gentleness while becoming wiser as you get to know yourself inside and out. 


Less Stress and Anxiety.

There is something magical that happens when you reach a deeper level of stretching where the body feels more open and at ease. There can be a great sense of relief and euphoria when coming out of a stretch. It can feel like the stress that has accumulated in our body has just been released through the stretch. Many studies have shown that reducing stress through practicing self-care can lead to lower cortisol levels.


Ready to give Bar Restore a try? Click here to find a studio near you with this class offering.