8 Common Myths About Barre

January 6, 2020

Hesitant to try barre because you’re not a dancer? Worried about your lack of flexibility, or convinced that barre doesn’t burn enough calories on its own? We’ve heard it all before — and we’re here to debunk some of the most common myths about barre workouts once and for all.

Myth #1: Barre is Only for Dancers

We get it. With a workout called “barre,” it comes as no surprise that many people assume this form of exercise is meant for prima ballerinas. While barre does have a ballet base, you don’t need to be a dancer to reap its benefits (and most of our members aren’t!). At our Bar Method studios, you’ll see women and men from a wide range of backgrounds — from professional athletes to exercise newbies. The different positions you’ll experience in class may seem foreign to your body at first, even for experienced dancers. No matter your background or fitness level, our expert instructors (all of whom have over six months of training) will guide you through each exercise to ensure your form is correct and that you’re getting the full benefits from each exercise. So the next time you start to believe that barre is just for dancers, remind yourself that barre is for everyone who wants to try it — and we’d love to see you in class!

Myth #2: Barre Doesn’t Burn Enough Calories

There’s a widespread misconception in the fitness community that you have to push your body beyond its limits in order to get a “good” workout. But the truth is that you don’t have to take things to the extreme to get incredible results. At The Bar Method, our exercises are based on interval training. We work each muscle group to fatigue during every class, which raises your heart rate and puts your strength to the test. In our Bar Move class, we move at a faster pace with exercises that feature a larger range of movement, resulting in an additional cardio boost. But the proof is in the numbers: Bar Method clients can burn over 300 calories in a single class — no running required.

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Myth #3: Barre Is Too Easy

Anyone who’s taken a Bar Method class will tell you: barre is anything but easy. In fact, our students are consistently amazed at how challenging The Method remains over time. Our high-repetition movements will make your muscles shake as they’re worked to fatigue, improving your endurance and shaping your body as you go.

Myth #4: Men Don’t Do Barre

There’s a common misconception that men and barre workouts don’t mix, but nothing could be further from the truth. Men can (and do!) greatly benefit from barre workouts, and The Bar Method’s emphasis on isometric movements actually conditions the body for other sports. Weightlifters utilize barre workouts to improve their form doing deadlifts and squats, while NFL players do barre to boost their agility out on the field. John H. of Bar Method Salt Lake City started taking classes a few years ago when his wife brought him to the studio after suffering a running injury. By combining his running routine with The Bar Method, our classes have kept John completely injury free. John even credits The Bar Method for giving him additional core strength and hip mobility, both of which have significantly improved his running performance.

Myth #5: You Have to Be Flexible to Do Barre

Does barre involve stretching? Yes. Do you need to be super flexible to take a class? Not at all. At The Bar Method, we work different muscles to the point of fatigue and follow our strength work with stretching which results in long, lean muscles. While stretching plays a key role in all of our classes, you don’t need to be flexible prior to trying a class. Which brings us to the best part: The Bar Method is actually ideal for those who lack flexibility, because it helps make you more flexible! Take it from our Bar Method Southlake client, Liz, who says, “I’m 40 years old with three littles and today — after nearly two years with Bar Method Southlake — I’ve found my splits on BOTH sides!” Our program helps you develop more flexibility over time, which ultimately helps protect against potential injuries. If you’re worried about trying barre classes due to their stretching components, just remind yourself of the multiple benefits consistent stretching can offer your body.

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Myth #6: Barre Is Only for Young Women

Contrary to popular belief, barre isn’t a workout restricted to youth. In fact, many of our clients discover barre later in life. The Bar Method uses low-impact exercises that are gentle on your joints and therefore ideal for all ages. Plus, our emphasis on stretching increases your flexibility and helps prevent age-related injuries. The beauty of The Bar Method lies in its ability to meet you right where you are on your fitness journey. Our exercises are easily modified to accommodate various age ranges and skill levels to help you make the most of each class.

Myth #7: You Need a Ballet Barre

One of the most common myths about barre is that you need your very own ballet barre in order to complete barre workouts at home. While having a barre is definitely helpful and there’s no place like the studio, you don’t need one if you want to take a livestream or on-demand class with The Bar Method — especially when you’re just starting out. Reaching for a chair or utilizing a countertop or windowsill can provide the same support a ballet barre would (minus the cost). After all, ballet barres are mainly used for balance, so anything sturdy and right around hip level should suffice.

Myth #8: All Barre Classes Are Exactly the Same

Not all barre classes are created equal. The Bar Method technique takes low-impact, high-repetition strength training to another level thanks to a team of physical therapists who work to ensure our practice is safe and effective for students spanning a wide range of abilities — including those with physical limitations and injuries. Unlike other barre workouts, our instructors undergo rigorous barre training that includes anatomy lessons and hands-on adjustments. We also require that our instructors take annual certification exams to ensure the highest standards are upheld across the entire teaching community. Our students receive personalized adjustments, modifications, and encouragement to get the most out of every workout.

By incorporating elements of Pilates, yoga, and other strength training workouts, our barre routine will sculpt your body, improve your flexibility and boost your endurance in a way that only The Bar Method can. Ready to take your first barre class? Find a Bar Method studio near you to get started, or sign up for online classes here.