4 Timeless Bar Method Exercises

January 13, 2020

While no two Bar Method exercises look or feel the same, all Bar Method exercises are thoughtfully designed in the same way. For over 18 years, The Bar Method has worked with physical therapists to carefully craft each and every exercise you experience in class. So which exercises were the first to tone & tighten the bodies of barre babes across the nation? In today’s blog we are sharing 4 timeless Bar Method exercises that have been with us from the start.

Shoulder Walks

We may not be in tanktop season, but The Bar Method will keep your shoulders looking beautifully defined all year long. If you take class today, your instructor will take you through a series of movements designed to target your shoulder muscles during the weights section of class. However, when The Bar Method first started, shoulder walks were the only deltoid focused exercise. With 3-4 minutes of class designated to deltoid work, this meant all 4 minutes were spent doing shoulder walks. We feel the burn just thinking about it! While we have introduced other shoulder movements into our method since, such as bent elbow lifts, shoulder walks remain to be the best way to create the teardrop shape in the front of your shoulders.

Narrow V Thigh

How low can you go? Narrow V is a foundational Bar Method thigh work exercise. When The Bar Method was created, Narrow V would be strategically placed in the beginning of thigh work to fatigue the lower quads, which led to more shaking in the following sets. For over 18 years, The Bar Method has challenged women & men’s physical and mental strength by encouraging students to reach their “challenge zone” in Narrow V thigh. Next time you see Narrow V thigh in class, think about how long this exercise has been practiced & keep your Achilles flexibility in mind when challenged to get lower.

Standing Seat

If you think about small movements with a big impact, standing seat should definitely come to mind. This particular seatwork is one of the main inspirations for The Bar Method technique. When performed correctly, it is a full body toning position that will leave your seat feeling tighter and more perky than when you walked into class. Since The Bar Method’s start we have introduced many more seat focused exercises, but standing seat remains to be one of the most challenging to master. If you see standing seat in class soon, strive to hold your tuck throughout the entire set and feel the postural benefits this Bar Method OG provides!

Low Curl

At The Bar Method, we like to keep it fresh. Every year we release new exercises or create variations of existing exercises to keep our clients on their toes. When it comes to curl work, low curl was the first and only curl exercise when The Bar Method was first introduced. Low curl was quickly followed by high curl & kickstand curl, but in our first classes low curl took up the entire 8 minutes of core work! Historically, it could take months (maybe even a year) before a client would let go of their arms in low curl. As always, we stressed the importance  of first learning how to pull your abs down before letting the arms go, providing an excellent biceps workout as well. Next time you are in class, or just craving an ab burn at home, challenge yourself to really focus on pulling your abs down and perfecting your form!

We hope you can experience all of these Bar Method OG’s in a class soon! Until then, we will continue to introduce new exercises & variations while honoring those exercises that helped shape who we are.