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4 Ways Barre Class Improves Your Inner Strength

June 7, 2017

Anyone who’s taken a barre class knows that carving your quads and lifting your seat are only part of the story. The unspoken truth is that The Bar Method puts your inner strength to the test just as much as your physical strength. Each time you take class you are encouraged to tap into your “inner super-hero” to get through the difficult, and at times uncomfortable, moments in class. Instructors and fellow students motivate you to stick with it no matter what. But where does our inner super-hero get the strength and how does The Bar Method contribute to that?

4 ways barre class improves your inner strength:

1. Requires focus & attention:

The Bar Method is not one of those workouts you can just show up to half asleep, with the exception of the early morning classes, in which case we understand you might be a little groggy through the warm-up. Nevertheless, barre workouts demand a high level of concentration and attention to detail that ultimately strengthens your mental muscles as much as your physical body. This type of focus clears your mind and prepares you for the many challenges you will face in your day, week, month and year!

2. Improves trust:

You learn to let go of control and trust your instructor in a barre class. In the beginning, the exercises and stretches are unfamiliar to us. It becomes crucial to allow yourself to be guided by the instructor, and supported by your fellow students. The moment you realize your barre family wants to see you soar, your inner super-hero won’t be able to hold herself back!

3. Releases your potential:

Taking barre class has a brilliant way of fanning the fire inside of you. It is a strong force and was created to rekindle itself under pressure. The challenges presented to you in barre class reinforce your mental and physical core, making you more prepared to conquer whatever you set your mind to.

4. Builds confidence:

When you start to see the changes in your body from taking regular barre classes — sculpted arms, flat abs and lifted seat — you feel good about yourself and your capabilities.  And you begin to realize you are authorized to initiate change in other aspects of your life; with that comes great confidence and liberty. Not only does your physical body look more toned, tapered and strong; your inner super-hero feels more empowered and invincible.


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Now, next time you take class focus more on the benefits and less on the burn and admire how strong you truly are, from the inside out!

How has The Bar Method helped you develop your inner strength? Leave us a comment below!