5 Exercise Excuses and How to Beat Them

February 24, 2020

There is no denying that “life” can get in the way of some of your priorities. After staying consistent with your workout routine, you may skip a few classes due to late nights at work, but before you know it you might be falling out of your routine completely. Today, we are sharing some of the most common exercise excuses we hear at The Bar Method. Next time you find yourself using one of these excuses, remember the tips we’re sharing here and persevere through!

I don’t have time

You might not HAVE time to work out, but you can FIND time to work out. Many of our Bar Method studios offer a variety of class times, so even our busiest clients can find a class that works with their schedule. Whether you set the alarm an hour earlier and make it to a 6:00am class, spend your lunch break at the barre, or commit to a weekend class every Saturday, there is ALWAYS a way to make it work. We encourage you to take a look at your Bar Method studio’s class schedule and commit to at least two classes this week. Remember, the only bad workout is the one you didn’t do.

I am too tired

After a long day of running errands, cleaning the house, preparing dinner, and taking the kids to their after school activities, you likely have a glass of red wine on your mind…not a workout. While adding a workout to your routine when you are already exhausted might seem counterintuitive, taking an hour to come to a Bar Method class can actually energize your day. Set your alarm clock an hour earlier and get your day started by moving your body! Beginning your day with movement will boost your metabolism and increase your focus and mental alertness throughout the rest of the day. Try this new routine for a week and tell us how you feel!

I am injured

Have you ever been weeks into training for a marathon, or 10 pounds from your goal weight only to get injured and prevent you from achieving your goals? A physical injury can be discouraging, and often leads to a major disruption in your routine. Luckily, at The Bar Method we provide safe, low-impact classes that can actually help you gain strength after an injury. After suffering a running injury, Bar Method Salt Lake City client John was convinced to come to The Bar Method with his wife, since many of the exercises in Bar Method class were similar to what he was doing in physical therapy. John has continued to take Bar Method classes, keeping him injury free for years! If you are suffering from an injury that is keeping you from doing most exercise classes, consult with your physician about trying a Bar Method class.

I can’t afford it

Next time this excuse creeps into your mind, remember that investing in your health is one of the best investments you can make. Consistent exercise can improve your metabolism & heart health, slow the aging process, improve your mental health and so much more. If you are struggling to find the funds to pay for fitness classes, we recommend taking a daily log of your expenses for an entire month. This will provide great insight on where your money is going, and where you might be able to cut down so you can afford to invest in your health. While a weekly happy hour with the girls is tempting, save $50 and opt for a girls-night-in with popcorn instead!

I am a parent

Rather than using your children as an excuse to not work out, make them your reason to work out. Your little ones want to be just like you! Lead by example and show them that you prioritize health & fitness. Many of our Bar Method studios offer childcare to help busy mamas get their workout in. If childcare is not offered at your studio, make friends with another barre mom and take turns watching the kiddos so you can both make it to the barre! As you watch your children grow their strong, active, healthy bodies, you will be so happy you made the decision to prioritize fitness in your own life.

So barre babes, we will see you at the studio. Remember, you are stronger than your excuses!