5 Things You Will Feel During a Bar Method Class

December 16, 2019

Think back to the last time you felt great. Think about the last time you felt strong, healthy, and worry-free. For us, we felt this way after our last Bar Method class. The Bar Method is more than a physical experience, it is an emotional one as well. Before, during, and after our classes you will go through an emotional journey that will leave you feeling fulfilled, proud, and great. Keep reading for 5 feelings you can expect to experience during a Bar Method class:


Our workouts require you to be 100% present, both physically and mentally. Technique is at the foundation of our workout. This is not a class that you can just flow through the motions without really thinking about what you are doing. You will be mentally and physically immersed in the bliss of every moment, from shaking in thigh to proudly taking the challenge option in floor zinger. Truly being present in class will make you feel alive. With the hustle and bustle of life, this feeling is hard to come by, so we encourage you to appreciate these moments in your next class with us.


In a world filled with competition and self-comparison, The Bar Method is a place to escape these feelings and feel supported. Whether it be our instructors, your fellow barre babes, or our friendly staff, you can rely on anyone at The Bar Method to be your hype woman (or man)! Our instructors go through 6-months of training so that they can provide you with the best and most safe workout possible. You can count on our instructors to support you and make sure you are performing each exercise safely. Get comfortable with hearing your name called in class, because our expert instructors will call your name to comment on how graceful you look, or provide a helpful verbal adjustment. The women and men surrounding you in the studio room will also help you to feel supported. The energy that is brought by your fellow classmates is magnetic, uplifting, and encouraging. Through every little up and down, we are all in this together, supporting one another.


You may have heard us throw around the phrase “path to mastery”. This is a phrase our Founder, Burr Leonard, refers to as the constant challenge that The Bar Method workout brings. There is always something you can do to improve your technique or challenge yourself more in a Bar Method class, which brings us to the next feeling you can expect to experience in class. Expect to feel challenged in the best way at The Bar Method. Our technique is designed to work each muscle to fatigue, and with that physical struggle comes a mental struggle as well. You will feel challenged and want to give up, but the mental strength you build in Bar Method class will help you channel your inner power and persevere. This mental strength is something many of our clients take from barre class and use in everyday life.


While our exercises may look “easy” from an outsider’s perspective, they require a great degree of strength. During our classes, our instructors will encourage you to thank your body for persevering through all of the difficult moments. This creates a feeling of appreciation for your body. In a workout culture that tells women the way whey should look, it is important to us that our students ignore these messages and appreciate their strong, beautiful body instead.


At the end of each Bar Method class, we meet on the padded carpet with our legs crossed and we share a few deep exhales together. That refreshing feeling of ‘ahhhh’ is what it’s all about. Many of our clients leave class with a clear mind and a stress-free spirit. Your body and mind are free of tension, and you are ready to take on whatever comes your way next. So next time you are feeling overwhelmed, put the chocolate down, head to barre class, and then go enjoy that chocolate.

Are you ready to join us on this beautiful, emotional roller coaster that we call Bar Method class? Book your next class today!