The Method

Barre Benefits: Healthy Heart & Happy Body

June 25, 2018

In this third post of our series about the benefits of barre, we look beyond the recognizable results of barre – long, lean, and sculpted muscles, to show you how your barre workout is actually making your heart healthy and your body happy. Keep reading to learn more:

Strong Glutes:

Despite being the biggest muscle group in the body, our glutes are arguably the laziest muscle group. Most people are not taught how to properly activate their glutes, leaving their back and abdominal muscles responsible for their core strength. This is a slippery slope that can increase the risk of injury. Our signature technique builds strength in the glutes through targeted exercises and stretches that enhance your ability to stand, stabilize, balance…and most importantly keep your back and body happy!

Aerobic Boost:

Our technique has evolved over the years to incorporate some large range moves into our choreography. These intervals with larger ranges of movement and more flow are designed to spike your heart rate and keep it elevated throughout the hour. It’s a bolder way to sculpt your body, build endurance, and maximize your caloric burn during and after class. Enjoy a little more freedom in your movement and embrace the cardio feel.  

Joint Safety:

The Bar Method was developed under the guidance of physical therapists to ensure that the exercises and stretches in our technique pay special attention to joint safety. Our instructors are trained to observe your movements and adjust your alignment to help you maximize the muscle contraction and minimize the impact on the underlying joints. Even more interesting and noteworthy is the equipment we use in class – including the carpeted floor and underlying pad used to absorb shock and keep your feet and wrists comfortable throughout class.

The Bar Method makes it possible for you to build strength, boost your heart rate, and protect your joints all in one hour-long workout. Get up, get moving, and find your strength.