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Boosting Your Body Image

March 24, 2019

When you stand in front of the mirror, what do you see? Do you see a woman whose strong body has created beautiful babies, or do you see a belly with a stretch mark or two? Do you see a healthy, injury-free body that gets you up and down that long flight of stairs to your apartment each day, or do you see thighs that you wish were 2 inches slimmer? With social media, it is easier than ever for us to compare our bodies to others and pick apart the way we look. Ladies, and some men too- it is time for this to stop. It is time for us to stop the comparison, stop the self-hate, and start to love our bodies for carrying us through life so gracefully. We know this is not an easy task to undertake, and it sure won’t happen overnight. But we hope that with a few tips, you will be on a better path to loving yourself a little more each day. Here are 4 ways you can begin to boost your body image:

Thank Your Body

Your body is your temple. Your body has grown into the beautiful person you are today, got you through a marathon, grew a baby, fought disease, grew stronger through barre classes. So why are we so quick to hate on our bodies that have gotten us through every step of our journey? Next time you want to criticize your body, thank it instead. Feeling down about a dimple on your legs? Thank those legs for getting you to work today instead. Hating that “extra flab” on your arms? Thank your arms for being strong enough to hold your child instead. Switching your mindset from disgust and hate to gratitude will do wonders for your self-confidence and overall well-being. Remember that no one controls your thoughts but you! Consciously feed your mind with kindness and eventually you will see your body for the beautiful and strong temple it is.

Exercise to Feel Good

We’ve all been there. You splurged on an XL milkshake and your first thought is “I need to sign up for barre tomorrow and burn this off”. Exercise should never be a form of punishment. Exercise to feel good. Exercise because you love it. When you start to focus more on exercising because of the way it makes your body FEEL rather than the way it makes your body LOOK you will begin to enjoy those 60 minutes of class much more. The Bar Method is just that- it is an exercise that is designed to make the body feel good. It is safe, fun, sustainable, and you will leave every class feeling stronger.

Quit Comparison

We’d be lying if we said we never looked at a picture of Gigi Hadid and thought “I wish I looked like her”. Comparison is the thief of joy, and with social media we hold the opportunity for comparison right at our fingertips. We urge you to remind yourself that you are uniquely you, and there is nothing more special than that. If your social feed makes it hard for you to believe this, we encourage you to do a little “spring cleaning”! Unfollow any accounts that make you feel any less about yourself. We don’t need that type of negativity in our lives.

Look Beyond the Exterior

When you first meet someone in Bar Method class, what are your first thoughts about them? Do you think to yourself,  ‘she has great legs’, or ‘wow, she is such a hard worker, she hasn’t given up at all yet’. Unfortunately, many of us have been conditioned to see what’s on the outside first. Start to recognize the non-physical traits about your friends that you adore. As you start to place these internal traits at a higher importance for others, you will begin to notice these special traits about yourself as well.

Moral of the story? Enjoy who you are! Self-love is a daily process. Highs and lows will come & go, but we hope that you finish each day grateful for the strong, beautiful body you live in. And if you ever need a confidence boost, you know where to find us!