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Get Strong for Spring

April 2, 2018

Springtime calls upon the same feelings of renewal that the beginning of the year brings. It’s our second chance of the year to reset and restart. It shows up right as the sparkle from the new year has faded and the thrill of summer is starting to kick in. We’ve got bikinis, beaches and vacation on the mind, and now is the time to make some changes in our lifestyle to look and feel our best before Summer officially starts.

The time is now to renew your strength, refresh your mind and reshape your body!

Renew Your Strength

If you’re like most of us, chances are you’ve lost touch with your New Year’s resolutions and maybe want to get reacquainted before the year fully gets away from you. Sound familiar? We believe your strength starts from the inside and takes patience and perseverance to maintain. Use this time to renew your commitments to yourself and reconnect to your inner strength. Sometimes it takes a little convincing, some encouraging from your truest self to realize the strength was within you the whole time!

Refresh Your Mind

Part of the process of getting back on track is acknowledging how and why you are off track in the first place. Open your mind to new ideas, beliefs, and processes. Just as the flowers are beginning to bloom, there are new dreams, desires and directions within you waiting to blossom this spring! Use this time to invest in your personal growth and set an intention that puts you first. You deserve it!

Reshape Your Body

Spring is the time to step up your game and achieve the results you’ve always desired. Our signature technique is the fastest and most efficient way to reshape the entire body. Precise isometric exercises keep you working “in the muscle,” followed by active and passive stretching to lengthen and elongate the area just worked. Begin looking for new ways to challenge yourself in class by taking the advanced options, introducing different class formats to your weekly schedule or simply taking one extra class per week. We promise these small changes will lead to big results. It’s time to feel, look and be your best!

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