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Group Fitness: Why Working out Together Leads to Longer Lasting Results

March 26, 2018

Not only does bringing your friend to barre make your workout more fun, exercising with others has some surprising health benefits, including just doing it more often!  Even if you’re not physically in the studio, taking class virtually still provides the sense of community that makes group fitness beneficial!  Left to your own devices, there’s no telling how often you’ll get that body moving. Trust your crew and workout in a group to see better results and have more fun! Here are three surprising ways working out together leads to longer lasting results.

1. Strengthens Your Commitment:

Not only does working out with others hold you accountable to show-up, it also contributes to how often you show up. You have an increased likelihood of taking more classes when you know others are showing up for the same workout; people you’ve come to know through your shared “love of the method.” Even if you haven’t made any barre besties yet, working out alongside a group of strong-willed and empowered women (and some men), is enough to make you confirm your next class reservation.

2. Motivation Improves:

Your motivation improves in group workouts because oftentimes they are filled with positive reinforcement and encouragement. This is especially common at The Bar Method where your instructors take the time to get to know your name, goals, and limitations. You are constantly encouraged to take the challenge option and work at your potential. Heck, even a nice big smile from your instructor, or the hardworking student next to you at the barre is enough to kick your motivation up a notch.

3. Competition Makes You Stronger:

A competitive nature is healthy, it makes you stronger. Group fitness gives you the opportunity to open up that side of you in a positive way to push yourself further and inspire others around you to do the same thing. At The Bar Method we don’t encourage you to “compete” with each other because your goals, limitations, and abilities are all unique and individual; however, we do encourage you to embrace the positive energy in the room and use it to help you work harder on your specific goals. Seeing what others are capable of doing will inspire you to do more yourself!


Leave us a comment and let us know how working out in a group, at the barre has helped you achieve longer lasting results.