The Newest Exercises to Hit the Barre

December 9, 2019

If we had to describe Bar Move in 3 words it would be: exhilarating, challenging, and rewarding. Bar Move & Bar Move Express are aerobic based classes that keep students moving non-stop for 35-40 minutes into class before a brief stretch. It is designed for students who know the method well, but love the thrill of not knowing what’s coming next. Bar Move will bring you an endorphin rush & keep your heart rate up, especially with our FOUR new exercises, specifically designed for Bar Move & Bar Move Express! These heart thumping active exercises simultaneously work the lower-body muscles while strengthening your core. Here’s a sneak peak at the newest exercises to hit the barre!

Active Second Passe

Active second passe combines a few familiar Bar Method movements to make a new full-body burning exercise. In this exercise, you will start in second position on profile to the bar. From here, you will straighten your bar-side leg as you bend your room-side leg and draw your toes toward the inside of your opposite leg’s calf or knee, into a passe position. If your instructor is feeling extra zesty, they may challenge you to raise your barre side foot to releve during passe. Active second passe will strengthen the muscles in the hips and thighs, improve your balance and coordination, and have you feeling like the prima ballerina you always dreamed of being.

Active Sous Sous

Active sous sous is new to the bar and sure to become a favorite for those who love a challenge. Designed to sculpt the hips, thighs, seat, and calves, this exercise brings the burn to your lower body. Once again, this exercise combines second position with a new Bar Method movement, called sous sous. When you perform active sous sous in class, you will start on profile to the barre in second position. From there you will slide your room-side leg toward and in front of your other leg as you raise both feet to releve, straighten your legs and squeeze your inner thighs together. This is called a sous sous. Active sous sous will get your body ready for the weekend, whether it includes wearing your favorite pair of high heels, or going for a mountainous hike!

Active Passe Lunges

Passe is back again, but this time it is in active passe lunges! This is the perfect exercise for Bar Move as it ignites the entire body, spikes your heart rate, and burns calories…lots of calories. In this exercise you will start in profile to the barre in a lunge position, with your room side leg behind you. As you slowly straighten your front leg, you will draw your back leg forward into a passe position with the instep of your foot next to the inside calf or knee of your straight leg. Once you’ve reached the passe position, your instructor will cue you to reverse the movement and return to your lunge position. Active passe lunges take balance, focus, and fierce determination, so get ready to bring your A-game when you see this exercise in class.

Active Chair

If you thought chair couldn’t get any more difficult, think again. When you hear your instructor cue you to get into position for chair, you may grunt to yourself for a moment, but within a few seconds of feeling the sweet burn of chair, you know it’s worth it. Magnify this feeling in active chair. For this exercise, you will begin in chair position. From here, you will raise up several inches and step your leg behind you into a lunge position at hip height. At your instructors cue, you will reverse the motion, lift up several inches and return to chair. If you’re already sweating just thinking about it, you aren’t alone!

Do these exercises have you charged and ready for your next Bar Move class? Sign up for class today and tell us how you liked the new exercises on social media.