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What You Can Expect When You Start Doing Barre From an Instructor’s Point of View

June 15, 2021

“What results can I expect from barre?” It’s the million-dollar question and one that we hear frequently at The Bar Method. While we could gush incessantly about how The Bar Method has changed our lives and bodies, we instead went straight to the source to hear from one of our instructors who has studied the method for years. Michelle is an instructor at The Bar Method Newport Beach and has been practicing barre as a student for over 10 years.

In the last eight years that I’ve been a barre fitness instructor, the most commonly asked question I get is, “what exactly is barre fitness and why do you think it’s the best exercise out there?”

When I think about the answer to that question, I’ve often wondered why an exercise regime with over sixty years of legacy remains the “best-kept secret” of the fitness industry. Yet, it gives me much joy when I get to share the distinctive benefits of The Bar Method technique as if I was sharing my family’s secret oatmeal raisin cookie recipe.

Barre fitness is widely known for its strength training with a twist of flexibility. In today’s day and age, when distractions challenge our attention span from omni-channel directions, it is hard to focus on doing just one exercise and not be bored by its repetition. And this is why The Bar Method  technique is the best out there. The Bar Method incorporates strength training methodology with specially designed stretch sequences to help increase the body’s flexibility. Plus, every technique is developed and evaluated by a licensed physical therapist. This meticulous process ensures that every move is effective and safe for all physiques and various body conditions.

Overall, The Bar Method technique precisely curates intensity, finesse, and endurance all into one single class. Because of this uniquely curated method, students who take classes consistently often see visible changes in their bodies within a short period of three to four weeks. Below are the four most commonly (and consistently) seen barre results in the first month:

#1- Sculpted muscle tone

Some see it in their arms and upper body. Others might see it in their quads and thighs. Those muscle tone definitions are the testaments to why The Bar Method is the most effective barre fitness exercise in the market. By incorporating isometric movements, the training contracts muscle groups with challenging intensity to achieve muscle mass. It’s no wonder why results are seen quickly in just a matter of weeks.

#2- Better posture

In every Bar Method class, you’ll most likely hear the instructor call out at least five times and ask someone to “lift their rib cage.” This is because good form ensures that the proper muscle groups are activated. The Bar Method technique continually engages the postural muscles including those deep core muscle that helps with balance and stability. When you take classes regularly, you will learn the mechanics of good posture and it will feel natural to apply those same principles outside of class. That’s why after a few weeks of taking classes, you may start to see yourself walking with more confidence because you’re looking taller and leaner. Plus when you carry yourself with proper posture, it allows all of your muscles and joints to perform the way they were intended to!

#3- Stronger core muscles

Many people mistakenly generalize the core as an abdominal muscle only. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! The core consists of your abdominals, yes, but it also includes your pelvis, hips and lower back. A strong core is what leads to better balance and stability. And since The Bar Method technique challenges the body’s balance greatly throughout class (remember those high-heel thigh sets and extra planks?), it is easy to notice your core getting stronger as your abs get tighter (get ready to meet your six-pack abs!).

#4- Improved endurance

As a fitness instructor, I sometimes judge the intensity of my class is based on the number of grunts I hear. As an instructor, I take pride in delivering a challenging workout out of respect for my student’s time and willingness to commit an hour of their day to me. Over time, I would often notice that the same students who had to come out of position during Diamond Thigh in the first couple of weeks can now continue through the entire thigh exercise without ever having to reset. Not having to reset does not mean it is no longer challenging. However, the muscle burn and intensity become more manageable as stamina improves and endurance grows.

The Bar Method technique is a truly unique fitness program encompassing a full range of spectrum from intensity to extensibility. Unlike other workouts in which performance may be limited based on age or physical conditions, The Bar Method technique is so versatile, that it adapts to the individual who chooses to make the class as easy or as challenging as they like. Subsequently, noticeable barre results happen in a short amount of time—one of the many reasons why students keep coming back to The Bar!


About the Author

Michelle is a certified instructor at The Bar Method in Newport Beach and has been actively practicing the technique since 2010. Michelle was first drawn to the barre movement through its distinct approach in using isometric movements to recruit, engage and sculpt specific muscle groups that strengthen the body and challenge the mind. When Michelle is not teaching her favorite choreography, she can be found solving real-world business challenges through innovative marketing solutions and developing campaigns that connect brands with their advocates.