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5 Things to Remind Yourself Today

September 3, 2019

What are your first thoughts when you wake up in the morning? Do you instantly open your social media and find yourself in a spiral of self-comparison and stress? Within the first 5 minutes of waking up you can make or break your energy for the rest of the day, so let’s start each day with bright, positive, and grateful thoughts. Keep reading for 5 things you should remind yourself today & every day to promote a positive wellbeing:

You are Enough

In a world of self-comparison, this is something that is key to remind yourself each day. You are enough, just as you are. You are STRONG enough, SMART enough, PATIENT enough. Before you begin to question if you have what it takes to get through your daily stressors, remind yourself that you are enough. This is something that can be applied in Bar Method class and beyond, so whether you are questioning if you can make it through the last 20 seconds of thigh, or if you have the experience to apply for your dream job, what will you remind yourself?…YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Everyone’s Journey is Different

At The Bar Method, we are all on a path to mastery, and the same concept applies in your day to day life. Just like you, your journey is unique. Rather than comparing your journey to someone else’s, take the time to truly enjoy the moments in your journey. It is not the destination, but the journey that will help you become the person you want to be. Enjoy every high and every low, and remind yourself that everyone’s journey is unique.

Remain Grateful

We admit, it can be easy to focus on the negative. Maybe you lost your favorite pair of earrings, or forgot to pay the electric bill last month. Rather than allowing these small, negative thoughts to consume you & steal your peace, remind yourself of all that you have to be grateful for. Start each day by writing down at least 3 things you are grateful for. Share gratitude for your family, friends, and loved ones and honor the fact that you woke up and get to experience another beautiful day of life.

Spread Love

We all know the world could use a little more love, so let’s start by loving ourselves. Start each day by telling yourself “I love you” and list the attributes you love. It can be physical, like that newly lifted Bar Method bum, or a skill set, like your ability to multitask! No matter what, the reasons to love yourself are endless. As you start to love yourself more, you will find it easier to spread love to others too.

You are in Control

While we can’t control everything that happens to us, we can control our reactions. You control your happiness, energy, and mood. You have the power to make your own decisions. Rather than asking yourself, ‘why is this happening to me?’ ask yourself how you will grow past it. Wake up each day and remind yourself that you are in control of your decisions, and decide to lead each day with a grateful and happy heart.

We hope you are feeling empowered to make each day a positive one. We will see your happy hearts and round rumps at the barre!