5 Ways Our In-Studio Experience Will Turn Your Intentions Into Actions

August 23, 2021

I was chatting with a friend over lunch last week, and we ended up spent most of our conversation analyzing the cause of her weight gain during the pandemic.

“I thought you brought a Peloton?” I inquired. I still recall how she showed off her purchase with endless posts on her Instagram Stories.

“Yeah, but owning exercise equipment and actually exercising are two different things. And of all people, you should know!” as she defended herself with a tone of conviction.

As a fitness instructor for the past eight years of my life, I know all too well the difference between “thinking” versus “doing” an actual workout.

In fact, I still recall NY Times best-selling author James Clear wrote in his book “Atomic Habits” the difference between motion and action. Action is putting your intent into action, like going to the gym. Motion, on the other hand, could be Googling exercise regimens or shopping for fitness gear. Motion gives you a sense of progress without actually doing it, and most importantly, it’s much easier because there are no downsides like muscle discomfort after a workout. That’s why some people like to think or talk about doing something without putting it into action. But unfortunately, without action, the intended goal will never become a reality.

Even though my friend proudly owns a spin bike at home, her weight gain is a perfect example of Clear’s motion vs. action theory. This encouraged me to research and understand the key motivations to getting people back into the active groove. And as much as COVID-19 has transformed the fitness industry, it was surprising that most people still prefer to work out in a live setting rather than a virtual one because they witness better body performance and achieve higher personal records during a live exercise class.

Based on my findings, below are five reasons why you might find your upcoming workout to be more beneficial if it is back in your local studio:

1. Motivation

The most crucial driver of fitness is motivation and that optimal state of mind is not always available when we need it. That’s when the forces of camaraderies come in. In a group fitness class, you have friendly faces around you to cheer you on and empathize with the same misery (aka muscle burn) that you’re enduring. “I prefer studio workouts because I get inspired and motivated by the other women in the class. They are friends I look forward to seeing every week.” – Cynthia Magana, a client of The Bar Method for 7+yrs.

2. Coaching

One of the distinctions that The Bar Method leads in the fitness industry is its commitment to its technique—the exercise itself. Every certified instructor must undergo rigorous training, monthly enrichments and annual recertification to keep their knowledge and skillsets sharp. This ensures the integrity of the exercise, plus it continues to improve to best serve its loyal cohorts. Doing the exercise in-studio allows students to reap the most benefit from the technique under the instructor’s guidance, providing coaching to achieve the optimal form specific to each student. Personalized corrections are offered to ensure that proper muscles are recruited, which helps students perform even better. As Kimberly Salvino, a tenured instructor at the Newport Beach studio shared, “I believe we are all motivated to work harder in group settings. We are all competitive in our own way, and having an instructor push you, correct you and inspire you throughout your entire class will 100 percent inspire you to work at your optimum level!”

3. Accountability

The saying, “the only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen,” has always amused me. Yet, I find it to be so true. As a fitness enthusiast, I love to exercise. However, I’ve found myself deep in an enigma where I have difficulty holding myself accountable with turning my fitness aspiration into reality. Joining forces with other members from your studio will help reinforce the accountability you need. “I love in-person workouts because being in the studio with all my Bar friends brings such a fun energy that helps me stay accountable.” – Katie Parson, loyalist of 6:30 a.m. classes at the Newport Beach studio.

4. Infrastructure

Upon walking into every Bar Method studio, you’ll find large, full-sized mirrors. While they are beautiful and help make the studio seem more open and spacious, they actually serve a particular function. Mirrors help students achieve optimal form in their workout so they can maximize the benefits intended. But it’s not just the mirror that makes the holistic in-studio experience. Each studio goes through a stringent process during the initial buildout. Every detail is accounted for—from the padding of carpets to how sturdy the barre is affixed. In-studio amenities are meticulously designed to provide students with the safest and best fitness experience.

5. Effectiveness

Based on the consolidation of areas that provide the best exercise condition (environment, motivation, accountability, relationship, and coaching,) an in-studio experience offers the greatest amount of efficacy if you’re serious about making a change. Generally speaking, it takes four weeks for you to see a change in your own body, it takes eight weeks for your friends/family to notice the transformation, and twelve weeks for everyone else to witness your change. Staying diligent in your routine will help ensure the fitness result that you’re aiming for.

Living an active lifestyle is like learning to read; there is no shortcut. The secret recipe is to stay diligent and consistent—take advantage of the in-studio experience and accountability to help you achieve your fitness goals.

About The Author 


Michelle is a certified instructor at The Bar Method in Newport Beach and has been actively practicing the technique since 2010. Michelle was first drawn to the barre movement through its distinct approach in using isometric movements to recruit, engage and sculpt specific muscle groups that strengthen the body and challenge the mind. When Michelle is not teaching her favorite choreography, she can be found solving real-world business challenges through innovative marketing solutions and developing campaigns that connect brands with their advocates.