Bar Method Challenges You Can Set for Yourself

August 5, 2019

There are quite a few things most of our barre babes have in common. There’s the obsession with grippy socks, the firm belief that leggings are indeed pants, and of course, the love for a challenge. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the barre, or going on your fourth year with us, there is something about adding a little sticker next to your name that gives you the most amazing feeling of accomplishment. We wish we could hold class challenges all year long, but we want each challenge to feel special and well, challenging, so we limit these to a few per year. If you’re in between class challenges and looking for new ways to challenge yourself, today’s blog is for you! Keep reading for a few fun ways you can challenge yourself at The Bar Method:

Rise & Shine

Say bye bye bye to the snooze button, because it is time to wake up early and get to the barre! If you are a late morning or afternoon barre-goer, try to challenge yourself to at least one early morning class per week. Attempt this for an entire month, and if you’ve accomplished this challenge, move on to two classes per week. Not only will accomplishing this challenge leave you feeling proud of yourself, but starting your morning with a barre class has many health benefits. Exercise can increase your mental clarity and energy levels for hours after class. Starting your day with a barre class is the perfect way to boost yourself into a productive day.

Believe in Yourself

We’ve all been there. You are in chair, already counting down the moments until a release and your instructor calls, “rise up to your heels for an added challenge”. If the thought “ABSOLUTELY NOT” comes to mind, we challenge you to shift these negative thoughts and tell yourself that you CAN. Your dedication to The Bar Method has made you physically and mentally strong enough to get through these tough moments in class. You just need to trust the strength you have built. Make a promise that you will commit to at least one challenge your instructor offers in every Bar Method class you take! We believe in you. Now it’s time for you to believe in yourself.

Bring Barre Home

At The Bar Method, we don’t use machines in our workouts. Your BODY is the machine. This means that most of our exercises can be done at home too! Challenge yourself to a little “barre homework”. Pick a challenging exercise from class and commit to practicing at home at least three days a week. You can do heel lifts while brushing your teeth, standing seat while stirring the pot, or reverse pushups while playing with your little one on the floor. Further challenge yourself by practicing those exercises from class that might not be your favorite. Yes chair, we are talking about you!

BBFF- Bar Best Friends Forever

Bar Method class is that much better when you have a friend to lock eyes with when the instructor calls for another set of pushups. But unless you and your bestie have identical schedules, it can be difficult to book every class with your friend. Challenge yourself to making new friends at the barre! Try to introduce yourself to someone new in every class you take. You never know, this new friend might just have the same obsession with microwaved popcorn that you do! Our studios are not only a place for you to workout, but they are a place for you to connect with and be inspired by like-minded women. So start practicing those BFF pickup lines, get to class early tomorrow, and make some new friends!

We hope this blog has ignited that fire within you and you are ready to take on some (or all) of these challenges! Get through these challenges quick, because our Fall Challenge is right around the corner!