The Method

How to Challenge Yourself More in Barre

November 12, 2018

Anyone who has taken a barre class will tell you it’s quite the challenge. Especially if you’re new to barre and still learning the basics of good form. Not to mention getting used to the unusual shaking that seems to set in as soon as you start moving. But what about for those of us who’ve been taking class for several months or years? How do you challenge yourself more in barre when you know how to do the exercises and you understand the stretches? The thing is, if you’re willing to look beyond the barre work and dig a little deeper, you’ll soon realize that The Bar Method is a path to mastery with layers and levels of challenges your senses weren’t quite trained to see, or feel when you first started. If you’re at the point in your practice where you’re looking for more from your barre workout, then keep reading and remember…it’s a journey, not a destination!

Here’s 4 Ways to Challenge Yourself More in Barre:

1. Prioritize Form:

The challenge is in your choices. And you should always choose good form over perceived challenge. The true challenge is staying in good form throughout the entire exercise. The Bar Method exercises are expertly designed and carefully crafted to deliver an impactful workout to your entire body. Prioritize good form over everything else and slowly layer on the challenge options if and when they make the most sense for you, in your pursuit to achieve your fitness goals.

2. Stay Present:

After a few months or years of taking barre class regularly, it’s unavoidable to tune out from time to time. However, when you’re able to turn off auto-pilot and tune back into your mind and body for the dedicated class time, you will end up loving the experience and the results even more. Listen to the verbal cues given to other students in class, and then assess whether or not you might need the same adjustment. Not only does staying present allow you to work your body harder, it sharpens your mind and helps you stay centered and focused throughout your whole day. Remember It doesn’t work unless you work, and you’ll work your hardest when you’re present and connected.

3. Quality Over Quantity:

The quality of your movement makes a difference in the results of the Bar Method for your body. When you work from a deeper isometric contraction of the targeted muscle or muscle group you will become more challenged and see better results. It’s much more difficult to isolate the muscle contraction versus just moving from momentum. Shift your focus, embrace the burn, and love the newfound challenge this small but important change delivers.

4. Mix it Up:

Mix it up to avoid the rut. Try the different barre class formats offered at your studio, or change the times you normally take class. Try a new instructor or workout at a different spot at the barre. There are many different ways to mix it up and keep it fresh. Consider that the challenge you’ve been looking for could be just one change away. When you step out of your comfort zone, you open up the possibilities for more! So, go ahead open up The Bar Method app and book some classes you wouldn’t normally attend. Your transformation is waiting!  

Whether you’re new to The Bar Method or an experienced enthusiast, the challenge is in your choices at the barre. We’re all on the path to mastery that we will never quite master, which keeps us coming back for more year after year! Listen to your body, tune into your intention, and give it you’re all! And always remember to prioritize form over everything else!