Post-workout Self-care Routine

October 7, 2019

REJUVENATED. EMPOWERED. STRONG. These are just a few words used to describe the way you feel after a Bar Method class. But what if we told you these feelings can be taken to the next level with the right post-workout routine? Follow your pushups, tucks, and squeezes with the simple self-care routine listed below to feel fresh & fabulous after every workout.

Thank Your Body

You did it. You made it through another tough, yet rewarding Bar Method class. Oftentimes, we forget how lucky we are to have a strong, capable body that carries us through class with such poise. After every class, we encourage you to take a few moments for yourself in silence and thank your body for helping you make it through another class. These simple moments will help cultivate love and appreciation for your body.

Fuel Your Body

Food is fuel. As your muscles reach fatigue in class, your muscle fibers are broken down. To build this muscle back up and achieve The Bar Method’s signature long, lean muscles, you must provide them with FUEL. While a pumpkin spice latte might sound like the best way to restore your energy after class, a balanced meal with whole foods is the best choice for your body. Lean animal proteins such as chicken and fish contain amino acids that will rebuild your muscles. Carbohydrates also play a vital role in muscle building & recovery. Aim to follow your workouts with a balanced meal of protein and slow-burning carbs, such as oats and legumes, to get the most out of your Bar Method workouts.

Hydrate Your Body

Are you drinking enough water? Unfortunately, the answer to that question for many of us is no. A hydrated body is a healthy body, and we should aim to drink half of our body’s weight in ounces of water a day. Get yourself one step closer to reaching your daily water goal but committing to drinking one glass of water after every Bar Method class you complete.

Cleanse Your Body

One of the beautiful things about The Bar Method is that the low impact nature of the class allows you to get a great workout without sweating buckets. Many women take class during lunch and head straight back to the office. For those of you on the go, maintain all day freshness with a shower sheet, like these ones from Yuni Beauty. These individually wrapped sheets are the perfect way to cleanse and refresh your skin after a workout!

Unwind Your Body

You are fierce, driven, and unstoppable. These amazing qualities have allowed you to get so far, yet they may have prevented you from getting the rest, recovery, and relaxation your body needs. LISTEN to your body and remember it is okay to say “no” to things if it means giving your body the rest it needs to keep you going. If your bestie wants to grab late night drinks but your body is begging you for sleep, it’s okay to say no. And if you signed up for bar class tomorrow but your body is asking you for a day of rest, it is okay to reschedule. Listen to your body, forgive your body, and of course, love your body.

That’s it, barre babes! We told you it was simple. Slowly start to implement this post-workout routine into your lifestyle and let us know how you feel! Start now by booking your next class with us.