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Reveal your Barre Strength and Elevate your Active Lifestyle this Spring

March 20, 2018

The Bar Method’s signature technique is the fastest and most efficient way to reshape your entire body, but it’s also one of the best exercise programs you can invest in to elevate your active lifestyle. Spring is here and there’s no better time than now to gather your strength and go on an adventure, pick up a new hobby or start playing a new sport. But is your body conditioned and ready for what you have planned? Chances are if you’ve been taking regular barre classes, it is! The strength you build in barre is only reinforced beyond the barre. It’s in these moments, you finally realize the unparalleled benefits of The Bar Method!

Here are just a few examples of how you can renew your active lifestyle and reveal your barre strength this Spring!


If you’ve ever kayaked, then you know this adventurous activity requires strength from your entire body. It’s similar to The Bar Method in that no muscle is left behind. Your arms, chest, and upper back work hard to help you paddle, while your core and legs are recruited to power the canoe forward. Enjoy the open water experience and put your barre body to work!


Looking for a great cardio workout to do outdoors to compliment your barre workout? Look no further…endurance is the name of the game in tennis. Not only is this sport a great add-on to barre, you will find that the energy you exert in barre will give you the stamina you need to run circles around your opponent on the tennis court.


Feeling the burn never felt better! Tie up your hiking boots and show off your leg strength this spring as you venture off the beaten path. You’ll finally understand why it was worth it to push yourself through all of those challenging sets of thigh at the barre. Not only will you shake less hiking up the mountain, your knees will feel stronger, your endurance will be greater, and your spirits will be higher. Nothing beats knowing you have the power to push up the mountain with ease and excitement. Enjoy the great outdoors!


Anyone who takes Bar Method knows feeling centered and in touch with your inner personal strength are real results you get from taking class. It just so happens, these are the same qualities required of any golfer. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, your inner strength is your best kept secret when it comes to your golf game. Not to mention the upper body and core strength needed to swing your club and strike the ball. Unleash your inner power on the green this spring and celebrate your improved golf handicap.


There’s no better time than now to show off your barre body and the inner and outer strength you’ve built by tackling the hill you have yet to climb, or ace your tennis buddy you have yet to beat. Gather your strength in barre and let it shine this spring!