The Method

Take Barre Outside

May 23, 2019

Every season has its perks. Fall brings pumpkin spice everything, Winter means holidays & quality time with the family, and Spring is when beauty blossoms everywhere. But for many, Summer is the best time of the year. Whether it’s the endless hours of sunshine, trips to the lake with the family, or warm nights with a scoop of ice cream, Summer is the season to spend outside, and it’s right around the corner! As you make plans with friends and family to get outside this Summer, sneak in a few of our favorite Bar Method exercises that can be done in any outdoor setting:

Reverse Push-ups

This exercise is a fan favorite because it produces results fast, and it’s sure to make you feel more confident when rocking your tank tops this summer! Although it may be challenging to stay in this exercise for long, reverse push-ups tone your triceps which give your upper arm most of its definition and shape. Find a spot outside with a little more padding, or fold a towel and put it underneath your hands. Place your hands below your shoulders and face your fingertips forward and slightly out. Bend your legs and open your feet to hips-width apart and parallel. Keep your feet on the floor. Lift your torso up, shift back until your ribcage begins to round between your upper arms, tuck your hips slightly and bend forward at your waist. Bend your elbows down an inch and up an inch. Do about 40 reps. You may want to take a dip in the pool after this tough exercise!

Second Position Lunges

If you’ve taken class with us before, you know the thigh work brings the heat. Double up on the heat and take the thigh work outside! Find something stable to hold onto and get ready to lengthen, strengthen and define your quads. Place one hand on your support (this could be a fence, a wall or even your patio furniture) and put your other hand low on your waist. Step your feet out into a wide stance. Bend your knees and come down until your thighs feel challenged. Turn your feet slightly forward to match your knees. Grip your glutes and bend forward at your waist. Bend your knees down and inch and up an inch about 20 times. Pivot yourself to face your support and step your back foot out slightly until you are hips-width apart. Raise your back heel up and bend your knees to 90-degree angles in a lunge position. Bend your knees down an inch and up an inch for about 20 reps. Switch sides and do 20 more. This exercise combined with the sun shining on your shoulders is sure to serve up that summer glow!


Is it just us, or does it seem like bathing suit bottoms are getting more and more cheeky? Show off your lifted seat after a round of pretzel, a sizzling seat exercise that can be done anywhere! Sit down on the floor (you can always fold a towel and place it underneath your no-working side thigh and glutes if you need some padding) and bend one leg in half in front of you. Align your shin and knee into a 90-degree angle and shift your knee in front of your same side hip. Sweep your other leg behind you and bend it in half. Keep your working knee (the one behind you) in line with your same side hip or 1-2 inches back if you’re more flexible. Lift your ankle higher than your knee if you can. Place your non-working hand next to your front knee and slide it out to the side. Bend your elbow, place your other hand on your front shin and lean your torso forward at a 45-degree angle. Lift your back knee off of the floor about an inch and keep your working hip forward. If you need help lifting your leg, lean your torso away from your working side more. Press your leg back an inch and forward an inch. Do about 30 reps and move a little faster for the final 20. You’ll feel this one in the side of your seat as well as your back and oblique muscles. Pro-tip: Reward yourself with a fresh slice of watermelon after completing this burner!

Back Dancing

Finally, it’s time for a Summer dance party…but what we’re suggesting is probably not the dance party you are thinking of! Take a beach towel and continue to tone and strengthen your glutes with back dancing! Turn up the music, lie down on your back on your towel and separate your feet to hips-width apart and parallel. Grip your glutes, lift your seat off of the floor and keep your ribcage down. Lift and lower your glutes, up, down, up, down and tap the floor each time. Feel free to hold at the top and do small tucks one on top of the other, you can also alternate tucking your glutes from side to side or move your hips in a circle. Bend from your waist as you do this and keep going for about 3 minutes. Perform back dancing now for a round rump when you are on the dance floor later!

We hope you enjoy a Summer filled with refreshing cocktails, family vacations, and toning barre exercises! Do your best to stay consistent with your Bar Method classes, while still balancing a season full of fun activities. Book your next Bar Method class here & glow up!