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The Bar Method as a Mood Booster

February 22, 2019

The Bar Method is special. From its warm empowering community, to the refreshed and renewed feeling you experience after class. The Bar Method has many benefits, but here to talk to us about the benefits The Bar Method has on your well-being is Instructor from Bar Method Dr. Phillips, Laura. Laura is a lover of many things: blogging, performing, fitness, and fashion. But one thing that Laura will always hold close to her heart is The Bar Method. Let’s hear what Laura has to say:

It’s a tale as old as time, working out does a body good, right?! Well, Yes! Obviously, it does. We all know that. But have you ever really given thought to the fact that it’s good for your mental health and wellness as well? There are many reasons why this is true and I thought I’d go over  just a few of them, and share specifically how The Bar Method instantly brightens my mood.


I don’t know about you, but when I come into the studio I look forward to who I’ll be seeing there! I’ve made some of my truest and closest friends from being an instructor at our Dr. Phillips studio location in Orlando, Florida. No matter if it is to come in to teach or to take class, I know as soon as I walk  into the studio, I’ll be surrounded by joy and laughter. It’s an amazing place! Honestly (not to brag too much about our Orlando locations) I will say the camaraderie of our instructors and the clients is truly special. This alone will brighten your day! So, find yourself a partner in crime. Whether they already are loyal Bar Method clients or you sweet talk a friend into coming with you. The motivation from each other will instantly boost your mood in class and make you work harder. Trust me!


Y’all have heard about these endorphin thingamabobs too right? Well, not to get too “sciencey”on ya, but this one is actually scientifically proven. As you perform activity and exert energy your body releases chemicals that send signals to your brain. These signals help to reduce the perception of pain your body may be going through at the time. It may seem odd that this is a good thing, but it is. As intense as a workout can be, your brain is more powerful than you think and can make you work harder than you ever could have imagined. The high you get from these “feel good” hormones are quite powerful. It’s like a drug, but these babies are good for you. Releasing endorphins daily ultimately helps in alleviating anxiety and reduces signs of depression. Life if hard, so why not take action of the things you can control to help in any way possible, am I right?!


Another feel good action to not only boost your mood, but also your confidence is being persistent. Keeping to a schedule and holding yourself accountable is something that gets me pretty pumped and proud. I absolutely love it when I can look back at a week and be like “Damn, I killed It!” I’m the type of person who likes to plan things out. If you’re not so much, that’s ok. Try to hold yourself accountable though. One day at a time. From there, you can work yourself up to more. Look at the week ahead (or day) and check your studio’s schedule. Sign up for the classes that work for you, and put it into your calendar like an appointment. Maybe see which ones your fellow Barre Babes are attending, take from your favorite teacher to help get you through it, or challenge yourself to take a Bar Advanced or a Bar Move class to switch it up.


You’ll be surprised how good just the planning and follow through makes you feel.


The funny thing with persistence, also comes change. We all know this makes us feel our absolute best. We all have many different reasons as to why we go to The Bar Method. Whether it’s to get away for an hour of your day, or to work on yourself physically and mentally – we are here for YOU!

Now, I’m sure y’all were thinking I was going to only talk about the physical change The Bar Method provides! That’s a big part of it don’t get me wrong, but it can also change your general mood, and how you feel about yourself tremendously. The Bar Method is a safe place for you to make whatever change you personally are looking for. Whether you struggle with weight loss goals or just need a community to be a part of to brighten your spirits, we’ve got you covered. Once you start feeling and seeing  “the change,” your confidence levels will rise & others will take notice.

So, I encourage you to take all of this into thought the next time you go into class. Surround yourself with people who build you up. Head into class determined to work hard and create the change that you’re looking for.  Just know that by kicking your own butt, mentally and physically for 45-60 minutes, you’re only going to feel better about you when class is finished. One last thing I want you to challenge yourself with before I wrap this up… Next time in class when your instructor asks you if you’re able to drop it one inch lower in that final set of thigh, tell yourself, “YES!” You most definitely can! Find your light & empower yourself to push through. I promise you will feel a sense of accomplishment & be proud you slayed that last 30 seconds of what at the time felt like an eternity.

 About the Author

Laura is an Instructor at The Bar Method Dr. Phillips location. Check out Laura’s blog & Instagram for more content on The Bar Method, fashion, beauty, and more!