The Method

The Newest Moves to Hit the Barre

November 4, 2018

The Bar Method has been sharing its technique-focused workout for 17 years, and it has transformed thousands of bodies along the way. Each exercise you perform in class was created under the guidance of physical therapists to ensure it is safe and effective for all students, no matter their experience, age, or body type. While all of our classes center around the same technique and exercises, no two classes are the same, providing variety and excitement for our students. To continue to add diversity to our workouts and provide an additional challenge for The Bar Method students, we continue to develop new exercises. Today, we introduce three of our newest exercises to hit the barre. Get ready to see these movements in class and let us know how much you loved the burn!


  Diagonal Seat Facing the Center of the Room

This variation takes a Bar Method fan favorite, diagonal seat, to a whole new level! Expect to take this variation in all Bar Method class formats. Diagonal seat is weight bearing so that it increases your heart rate. It works to develop definition and power in not only the working leg but the standing leg as well. It tones and lifts the glutes while strengthening the abdominals and posture muscles. This particular variation has the added benefit of stretching the chest and shoulders to counteract the impact of daily tasks like sitting at a desk or driving in a car. To keep the work targeted to the side of your seat, anchor your working side heel against the wall to enhance your resistance and recruit your posture muscles to drop your shoulders. This powerhouse variation will have you enjoying the burn for hours after class!

  Low Curl with the Ball Behind the Shoulders

This fun variation of low curl is taught in all Bar Method class formats and is sure to have your abdominals quivering in no time! With the use of the ball behind the shoulder blades, students can quickly target their obliques and rectus abdominis (the 6-pack abs) by curling forward and slightly releasing against the ball. The burn is enhanced even more by lifting and lowering the legs one at a time. Next time you experience this in class, keep the motion small so that your abdominals have to do the work instead of letting momentum take over.  This is the curl set that keeps on giving as you’re sure to feel this even after class ends!

  Active Leg Lifts

Are you a Bar Move addict? Then no one needs to tell you that the purpose of this class is to take your stamina and caloric burn to new heights. Next time you take Bar Move, you may just find the challenge has gone up a notch with active leg lifts. This variation blends leg lifts and lunges with large range of motion to kick up your heart rate and build coordination. You get the benefits of streamlining your quads and elongating your calves with both leg lifts and lunges. To get the most from this exercise, focus on precision and control instead of speed.  

We hope you are as excited to try these movements as we are to introduce them! Book your classes for the week now, and we will see you at the barre for these Bar Method movement variations.