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Which Bar Method Exercise Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

September 27, 2019

Have you ever thought about what your favorite Bar Method exercise says about you and your personality? Turns out it might actually be written in the stars, or more specifically might have something to do with your Zodiac sign. We’ve broken down the Bar Method exercise that best suits you, based on your sign. Do you agree with yours?

Aries: Arabesque

Aries are known for being bold, ambitious and ready to dive headfirst into any challenge. The intensity and ambition required to conquer arabesque fully and elegantly is the perfect match for an Aries.

Taurus: Tilted Seat

Tauruses are known for being both grounded and stubborn. With both feet planted on the ground, Taurses are totally tilted seat. Is there anything more grounding (and shake inducing!) than digging your working side heel into the floor during this exercise?

Gemini: Standing Pretzel

Geminis love some multitasking and doing ALL of the things. Standing pretzel requires just that — it works your gluteus medius as well as your obliques… although let’s be real, sometimes it feels like every muscle in your body is truly being challenged!

Cancer: Flat-back

Cancers are known for being highly intuitive and can pick up on the subtle things in life. That’s the exact energy needed during flat-back. Don’t forget to focus on breathing deep to recruit your deepest abdominal muscles, Cancers.

Leo: Leg Lifts

Leos are known for being theatrical and vivacious. They are truly the life of the party — and the life of a Bar Method class! Leg lifts thigh-work facing the center totally embody that Leo energy. Facing the room is your time to shine and show off that infectious energy!

Virgo: Parallel Thigh

Virgos love anything logical, practical and systematic. Parallel thigh is just that. While the exercise is simple and precise, it still packs quite the punch. Don’t be afraid to drop just an inch lower, Virgos.

Libra: Low Curl, Legs Down

Libras are represented by scales — Libras are all about that balance and crave harmony. Low curl with your legs down is a super balanced core exercise. Even when you take the challenge option of letting go of your legs, you’ll still be in perfect equilibrium.

Scorpio: Waterski Thigh

Scorpios are known for being intense, focused and passionate. Is there anything more intense than finishing off thigh work with a round of waterski thigh? They are the perfect match for this relentless challenge. Get your shake on, Scorpios.

Sagittarius: Inverted Rows

A Sagittarius loves learning something new. They are on a constant quest for new knowledge (and at The Bar Method new ways to feel the burn!) As a relatively new exercise inverted rows are the Sagittarius dream come true — plus they target your lats, rhomboids, biceps, and shoulders all at once.

Capricorn: Standing Seat

Capricorns are determined and committed, all great attributes to have throughout a Bar Method class. Their ability to stay focused during challenging times is the epitome of Standing Seat. Stand tall, grip your glutes and ride out that burn, Capricorns.

Aquarius: Glutes Dancing

Known for being independent and original, Aquarians often march to the beat of their own drum. They’re not afraid to do their own thing, just like the new exercise glutes dancing which will fire of your seat in a totally new way at the end of class.

Pisces: Back Dancing

Pisces are creative, imaginative forces that love to dance and move. Back dancing lets you do just that while also giving your glutes one final burn before class is over. Don’t forget to take a moment in back dancing to acknowledge all your fierce hard work before the final stretch.

So, what do you think? Did we pick a good match? Tell us in today’s Instagram post!